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Boudica Coin Pendant


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In Roman Britain there were many tribes that had become client kingdoms and generally lived peacefully under their Roman rulers. Among these were the Iceni who lived in/near the modern-day county of Norfolk. Sensing his approaching death, the king Prasutagus attempted to leave his kingdom to both the Roman emperor and to his own daughters. The Roman official in charge, seized his estate anyway, had the king’s wife, Boudica, flogged and sent soldiers to rape her daughters. Boudica then raised an army and successfully fought the Roman legions stationed in Britain for over six months, reconquering many towns and cities. She was finally defeated by the superior training and discipline of the Roman forces. Bouodica was either killed or killed herself.
Roman Britain, Iceni, 61 A.D. Silver, Obverse: Celtic War God with Crested Helmet; Reverse: Horse, Shield and Pellets. 22KY Gold Mounting Designed by Valerie Jean Fairchild
Chain is not included.
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