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Mythical Beast Bracelet


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This bracelet features coins that represent some of the more famous beasts from Greek, Roman and Ancient Near Eastern Mythology.
The Sphinx was creature with a woman’s head and a lion’s body. She devoured many travelers when they could not answer her riddle. She killed herself in frustration when she posed the question to Oedipus, who answered it correctly.
A Griffin was a creature with an eagle’s head and lion’s body.
Pegasus was the famous winged horse born of the blood of the Gorgon Medusa when Perseus killed her. He later was tamed by Bellerophon and together they killed another mythical beast, the Chimera.
The Minotaur was the Cretan Man-Bull said to be born of the Queen Passiphae, wife of King Minos. He was a ferocious beast and the labyrinth was created to contain him.
Capricorn is a combination beast with the head and foreparts of a goat and the hindparts of a fish or dolphin. Capricorn is now an astrological sign.
The merman is a creature with the top half of a man and the hindparts of a fish or dolphin.
A Gorgon is a female creature with snakes coming out of her head instead of hair. She was fearsome because when men looked upon her face—they would turn to stone. Medusa was the most famous Gorgon, the only mortal one and was killed by Perseus.
The Winged Boar is an Ancient Near Eastern genius figure, often shown with other winged creatures in Assyrian and Babylonian art.

Roman, Greek and Phoenician silver coins 478-16 BC. From left: Sphinx, Griffin, Pegasus, Minotaur, Capricorn, Merman, Gorgon, and Winged Boar. 22kt gold links.
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