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Roman Goddess Bracelet


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Vesta: Roman Virgin Goddess of the Hearth, the Home and the Family. Her temples were dedicated to the maintenance of the Sacred Fire which was tended by daughters of some of the best families of Rome: the Vestal Virgins. Vesta was an exclusively terrestrial goddess; her gifts included strength and stability. She is associated with Hestia in Greek mythology.
Ceres: Roman Mother Goddess of Argriculture, particularly of crops of grain. She was also a fertility goddess and goddess of motherly relationships. Her Greek counterpart is the goddess Demeter.
Diana: Diana, which means heavenly or divine in Latin, was the Roman Virgin Goddess of the Moon, the Hunt and Childbirth. She was the goddess of the woodlands and forests and was able to communicate with animals. Her Greek counterpart is the goddess Artemis.
Victoria: As her name suggests—the Goddess of Victory. She was more important in Roman society than her counterpart Nike was in Greek Mythology, because the Romans organized much of their society on victory in war, conquest and in victory over death. She is shown winged because victory is never assured—it can take flight at any time.
Cybele: Originally an Anatolian goddess, in Rome Cybele became the Magna Mater or Great Mother Goddess. She is most often shown wearing a turreted crown and with this crown, is also associated with the goddess Fortune.
Salus: The Roman Goddess of Health, both personal health and the health of the state. Salus is identified with the Greek Hygieia. From her we get the words for health and greetings in English, the romance languages (salutations, salud, salute, etc.).

22kt yellow gold link bracelet featuring from left: Vesta, Ceres, Diana, Victory, Cybele, Salus. Denarii. 82-56 BC.
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